Today I have a fabulous cupcakes recipe for you, children, called bake sale pie cupcakes. Play Bake Sale Pie Cupcakes cooking game and learn how to bake yummy pie cupcakes, which you can also sale in front of your house to your neighbours. To bake sale pie cupcakes, we need the following ingredients: milk, flour, eggs, vanilla, butter and two secret ingredients which you have to guess by yourselves. Do you know what are the other two secret ingredients needed in cooking our pie cupcakes? First we have to prepare the pie cupcakes dough using a kitchen blender where we mix the four with the milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. Then we use a spoon to place the pie cupcakes dough in the cupcakes shapes. We bake the tray with the pie cupcakes in the oven. Then you have to make a new pie cupcakes mixture mixing some ingredients again. Find out the rest of the cooking process playing bake sale pie cupcakes cooking game!