Elsa is a big fan of the Mexican cuisine. She just returned from a trip to Mexico where she learned lots of delicious food recipes. Her favorite by far is the baja fish tacos recipe. Dressed up in a traditional Mexican outfit instead of the common kitchen apron and bonnet, Elsa is about to cook this awesome dish for the first time at home. She has all the ingredients cut and prepared. Wanna mix them up, girls? Add zucchini, tomatillos, lime juice, cilantro and salt in a bowl to make the tacos filling. In another bowl combine flour, baking soda, salt, water and vegetable shortening to make the tortillas dough. Fry the tortillas in a pan with cooking oil. Don't forget the fish which must be well seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika. Cut the fried fish fillet into slices. Fill up the home made tortillas with the sliced fish and baja salad. The yummy tacos are ready to serve now. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new cooking game!