Jane has a beautiful smile and she receives lots of compliments every time she shows a happy face. For Jane dental hygiene is very important and she knows how to stay away from the dentist's chair with the right dental care. Jane uses toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth water and dental floss on a daily basis to take care of her mouth and breath. She has a nice smelling breath and healthy white teeth now, but she did not always have that. She used to have a bad breath and she used to neglect her dental hygiene for days, until the dentist told her about this amazing dental care routine. Jane starts her mornings and does not go to bed in the night without using her miraculous bad teeth makeover. Learn from Jane how to have a healthy dental hygiene by properly using the dental floss and the toothbrush. You will discover in just a few days you have a sparkling new smile and a healthy looking mouth. After doing her mouth hygiene, Jane does her make up, hairstyle and dresses up in a new fashionable outfit each day. Have fun playing this new dentist game!