It's Valentine's Day and baby Valentine is celebrating her first name birthday. Her parents are taking her to a restaurant for dinner. The little girl is very excited about this family outing. She is too little to dress up on her own though, so she needs you to do that for her. Before dressing up the cute baby, you must first change her diaper. Remove the old and ugly smelling diaper and throw it in the litter bin. Clean the area with wet wipes and body powder, then place a new diaper around the waist. Protect baby Valentine's skin applying a body lotion. Now the pretty girl is ready for her dress up session. Check out her cute and trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, combining them in lots of outfits. What should she wear for this special event, girls? A pretty dress or a chic overall costume will look fabulous on her. Accessorize your attires with a girly hairstyle and a rattle or pacifier toy. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!