Strawberry Shortcake is a cute little girl with lots of energy. She wants to do so many things, but she is too young to do everything by herself. She is still a baby and she is dependent on her parents when it comes to eating, bathing or dressing up. Can you look after the baby girl while her mom and dad are at work? Be her new nanny and have a great time caring for her. Strawberry Shortcake has a bath each morning before getting dressed up and having her breakfast. Place the cute toddler in the bathtub and check the water temperature. Give her a nice bath, washing her hair and body. Distract her attention from those bubbles bothering her eyes with pretty noise making toys. Dry her well before dressing her up and change her diaper as often as necessary. Keep her skin hydrated applying baby oil on. Her friends are coming over today to play, so dress up Strawberry in a fashionable attire. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game!