Spring is a beautiful season. The weather warms up and the green grass comes to life. The trees and flowers blossom enchanting our eyes with a lovely view and an amazing smell. Sonia is a cute baby girl with a big passion for flowers. She has a garden full of flowers in her backyard and she wants to open up her own flower shop when she grows up. The only problem is that she is allergic to them especially in the spring. Help Sonia cure her spring allergy following the doctor's treatment on a daily basis until she gets well. The allergy caused an ugly skin eruption. Place some healing cream on the red spots to make them disappear. Pour eye drops in her eyes and make sure she takes her allergy medicine with lots of water. The baby girl must also use an oxygen mask and an inhaler. Drugs are not enough though, a shot must be administered each day. The baby is feeling much better now and she is in the mood for a dress up session. Join her and have a great time playing our brand new baby game!