Barbara is a cute little girl who loves playing in the snow. When she woke up this morning she was so happy to see that the first winter snow had fallen over night and nature is all covered in a thick white blanket. The cute blonde baby cannot wait to go outside and play with her friends. They will make a snowman, lots of snowballs and ride the sleigh, of course. Prepare baby Barbara for a wonderful winter day bathing her, changing the diaper and dressing her up. Right after breakfast, her mom gives her a nice warm bath. Place the little girl in the bath tub and wash her hair with shampoo. Use the gel lotion to wash her body while she plays with her cute toys floating on the water. Dry her thoroughly before changing her diaper. Dress the baby up for her snow date in pretty winter tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. Keep her hands warm with a pair of girly chic gloves and don't forget her scarf and hat! Have an amazing time playing our brand new dress up game!