Alison is a fresh young mom and she absolutely adores her little baby girl. She is very excited to be a new mom and she has prepared her newly born's bedroom carefully, decorating it with lovely furniture and toys. It is sleeping time for her cute baby girl and the crib is not done yet. While Allison is swinging her precious treasure in her arms to make her fall asleep, you can prepare the room for bed time, creating a relaxing sleeping atmosphere. Decorate the crib with pillows, blanket, toys and a night lamp. Accessorize the bed's color with the color of the window curtains and the wallpaper. Pick a lovely moonlight sky scenery for the outside background. Which toy should the little girl use as a sleep companion? Should it be a cute doll, a fluffy teddy bear, a dog, a Pokemon or an octopus? Have a great time playing this brand new baby game!