This cute baby girl loves swimming and her parents take her weekly to the swimming pool. Today she is getting ready for a new swimming lesson at the pool. She needs a shower before putting on her bathing suit. Give the baby a nice warm shower, washing her hair and body with shampoo and soap. make some bubbles in the bath tub and keep the little girl busy with some floating toys. After she finishes her shower, dry her body with a shower and her hair with the blow dryer. Apply baby skin lotion on her body to keep the skin moisturized and nourished and change her diaper. Comb her hair and dress her up in a pretty swimsuit. She cannot swim that well yet and she needs her swim belt at the pool to keep her floating in the water. Accessorize her outfit with chic accessories and don't forget the toys and the refreshing smoothies! Have fun playing this brand new baby game!