Baby Princess is a cute little girl and she is Hazel's best friend. Their moms are bffs since high school, so their daughters get to spend lots of time together. Little Princess is going to Hazel's birthday party today. She cannot wait to get there and have a fabulous time playing with the other children invited and eat the birthday cake. She is still sleeping in her crib, so wake her up gently caressing her on the face. She had a troubled sleep, so help her forget about it with lots of hugs and kisses. Play with the cute baby and her toys, give her the milk bottle and wipe her mouth afterwards. It is time for her morning bath now, so fill up the bathtub with warm water, soap bubbles and rose petals. She has been a good girl and she deserves to be pampered with an amazing royal bath. Treat her like a royal princess during the bathing time and make her beautiful for Hazel's party. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game!