Having a baby is a great joy for every family. The expecting parents want to be ready when the new family member is born, so they buy toddler clothes, stroller, diapers and toys. Decorating the child's room is another important activity. There are lots of things to consider, from choosing the furniture and the decor colors to adding a cute drawing on the wall. This young mom cannot take her eyes off her precious baby princess. The little girl is ready for her bedtime and her mom needs your help to prepare the baby's crib. Create the perfect atmosphere for the best sleep ever decorating the toddler's room with a pretty crib, lovely colored bed sheets, pillows, blanket, window curtains and wallpaper. The little princess likes playing with her favorite toy before bedtime and the music box hanging out above her head helps her sleep faster. Select the prettiest room decorations playing our brand new baby game. Have fun!