Welcome to our day care nursery, girls! Are you ready to offer your love and care to this cute baby girl? She needs her diaper changed, then you must dress her up and take care of her until her parents arrive. Gently remove the used diaper and throw it in the litter bin. Clean the area, apply baby powder and body lotion, then place a new diaper round the waist. If the little girl cries, give her a cute teddy bear or doll to play with while you finish changing the diaper. Dress up the baby in a pretty dress, overall or top and bottom. Have a fun playtime together, playing with toys, singing, dancing and drawing. Show her lots of love and she will repay you with her lovely smile. Her mom and dad will surely be satisfied with your nursery skills and they might ask you to babysit for their precious daughter on other occasions as well. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game!