Baby monster Draculaura is at the dentist's cabinet and she is really scared. A horrible toothache bothers her, but the thought of the creepy Frankenstein doctor and his surgical tools almost makes her shiver with dread. Be little Draculaura's real dentist this time and cure her fear of doctors, offering her a fabulous dental hygiene experience. Clean up her teeth brushing them with tooth paste and tooth brush. Have the cute Monster High baby rinse off her mouth with water. Examine her bad teeth to diagnose the problems, then use the professional utensils to treat them. Remove any caries or dental plague, take out the totally damaged teeth and polish her vampire fangs, making them sharp and shiny. If baby Draculaura starts crying, bring a happy smile on her face showing her your cute Monster High toys and dolls collection. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game, ladies!