Baby Madison is bff with baby Barbie who just adopted a cute homeless puppy from an animal care center. The girls had a fabulous time cleaning, feeding, dressing up and playing with Barbie's pet. Madison had so much fun that she decided she should also get a pet. She is more of a cat person though. She saw a kitty cat the other days hovering about the neighborhood and the grand idea of adopting the poor creature struck her. Baby Madison is super thrilled with her new pet and she promises to take very good care of it. She is about to give the kitty its first bath and grooming session. Since Barbie could not be present, why don't you take her place and help the happy girl bathe the kitten. Continue with a flees removal, nails cutting, ears and teeth cleaning. The kitty must be starved, so how about feeding it. Give it proper cat food and plenty of water to drink. Play with the little girl and her pretty pet and have a fun dress up session as well. Enjoy playing our hot new baby games!