Baby Lulu loves spending time with her mom in the kitchen. Hanging around and handing her mom the necessary cooking tools and ingredients is lots of fun for the cute girl. She is too little to cook food herself, so until she is old enough to do that, she helps out with whatever she can. Today baby Lulu is cooking a healthy breakfast with her mom. She fancies a vegetables salad, fried eggs and a delicious cheeseburger. But first they must go shopping for the needed ingredients. Help them fill up their trolley with all the required stuff. The vegetables salad is first on the list, so help the cute baby cut the tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and the rest of the veggies. When the salad is done, show her how to fry an egg, then make the cheeseburger. Now the breakfast is ready to be served. Have a great time playing our brand new cooking game!