Baby Lizzie is at the dentist right now suffering from an annoying toothache. The little girl was quite mischievous lately sneaking to the sweets and snacks cupboard and eating lots of junk food. An ice cream here, a chocolate bar there, lots of candies and lollipops caused havoc to her teeth. Her parents discovered her mischief just in time to take her to the dentist's cabinet for a check up. As you can see, baby Lizzie has lots of bad teeth problems which must be taken care of. Be her dentist and use your medical skills to treat her dental caries and decayed teeth. Use the special tools to clean the cute baby's teeth first with tooth paste and water. Remove the stains and dental plague, take out the caries and replace the damaged roots with new healthy teeth. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game! Play the best baby games only on!