Baby Lisa just woke up this morning and she is ready to begin a new day in a happy and cheerful mood. She likes to chill in bed for a while sipping a glass of milk and thumbing through a magazine. She usually takes a bath or shower before having her breakfast and dressing up. The cute baby girl fancies a warm bath today and she needs you to supervise her while she washes her hair, as she is not old enough to be left by herself. She might slip and fall, causing an accident or injury while doing so. Take care of little Lisa and keep an eye on her during bathing time. Help her use the shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Rinse off the foam while she plays with toys in the bathtub. Dry her hair well, so she does not catch a cold. Dress up baby Lisa in a pretty house attire for her playtime. She likes playing with her toys while her mom cooks the breakfast. When she is done eating her meal, she dresses up in a more fashionable preschool outfit. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game!