Baby Hazel is quite bored playing in the house. She wants to go outside and take advantage of the last snow fall making a cute snowman. The weather is too cold though and her mom advised her to stay indoors and make a craft snowman instead. That sounds like a fabulous idea, so let's help the cute baby girl create a lovely paper snowman. Can you help her find her craft tools, pencils, glue and colored paper sheets? In return, the little princess will show you how to have a fabulous winter fun time. Play with Hazel and her friends outside in the snow, enjoying the last days of winter. Make lots of snowballs, go skiing and sleighing, or build an igloo. There is a frozen lake nearby by and the thick ice is perfect for a fun fishing session as well. There are so many fun things to do today and baby Hazel is eager to share them with you, girls! Waste no more time and have lots of fun playing our brand new baby game!