It is Valentine's Day today and baby Hazel wants to organize a surprise party for her mom and dad. They are very much in love and the little girl is sure they will greatly enjoy her surprise. They just went shopping for Valentine's Day presents and this is the perfect occasion for baby Hazel to prepare the party decor. Her grandpa babysits the kids while the parents are away and he agreed to help her out. The cute girl needs your help as well to make some cute surprise crafty hearts and lollipop butterflies for her mom and dad. The party will take place on their house terrace which has a lovely beach view. There is lots of work to be done as the terrace is quite dirty. Sweep the dry leaves, clean the cobwebs and dust the furniture objects. When you are done cleaning up, decorate the terrace for the party and set up the dining table. Help baby Hazel and her grandpa with the rest of their Valentine's Day party preparations and have a great time playing our brand new baby game!