Baby Hazel wants to plant a tomato garden in the backyard of her house. Farming is something new for the little girl. She is too young to embark on this awesome gardening adventure on her own, so she needs your help. She must collect the tomato seeds first from fresh tomatoes. Do that using a kitchen knife and scoop. Prepare the farming tools and supplies and go to the garden with baby Hazel to plant the tomato seeds. Dig the ground, place the seeds, cover them with soil and sprinkle lots of water to help them grow. Baby Hazel must water her tomato garden daily and apply fertilizer for a better growth. She must also protect the plants from birds and pests. Farming consists not only in planting the harvest, but also reaping it. Gather the ripped veggies and make a tasty juice or smoothie out of them. Enjoy playing our newest baby game!