It is time for baby Hazel to learn how to swim. Today her uncle is taking her to the swimming pool for the first class. The little girl is super exited and she cannot wait to get there. She must pack her bag with swimsuit, goggles, body cream and hair cover which she will wear during the swimming class. Help Hazel dress up and take a shower before getting in the pool. A safety belt is also mandatory. Persuade the cute baby to get in the water and have a fabulous time teaching her how to swim. This is a great chance for you to learn as well, in case you are not good at it either. Baby Hazel is a fast learner so this should be easy for her. Nevertheless, she has to follow all the steps correctly to be successful in practising this amazing sport. Go through all the lesson with her and repeat it if necessary playing our awesome new baby game. Check out Baby Barbie Selfie Card, the newest baby game just released by! Have fun!