It's summer time and baby Hazel looks forward to going to the swimming pool. She loves swimming and having fun at the pool with her friends. It is a hot summer day today and the little girl cannot be bothered playing in her room. She wants to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Prepare baby Hazel for a fun summer day at the swimming pool. She has been sweating from playing with toys in her bedroom and she needs a shower to cool down. Apply a sunscreen lotion on her body to prevent any sunburns. Dress up the cute baby girl in a comfy beach dress and hydrate her with a glass of ice tea. She is ready for the pool now, so dress her up in a pretty bathing suit. Chill with Hazel swimming in the water and eating lollipop ice cream. Supervise her while she does all these fun activities and make sure no harm comes to the little girl. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game for girls!