It is morning and mother is cooking breakfast for baby Hazel. The little girl cannot wait until breakfast is served and she is looking for a snack to temper her empty stomach with. She could eat an apple or a carrot, but that bottle of peanuts on the counter top looks like a much better idea. She sneaks the peanuts behind her mom's back into her bedroom and has a handful of them. All is well until baby Hazel's upset stomach demands various trips to the bathroom due to those peanuts. She is feeling worse and worse by the minute and must be taken to the hospital to have the doctor check on her stomach pain. While the mom is getting the car ready, she needs you to take care of her sick little girl. Make her feel as pleasant as possible giving her a glass of water to drink, fetching her toys and taking her to the toilet when necessary. At the clinic, help the doctor diagnose the baby's health problem. Follow the doctor's orders and take good care of the cute girl, so she recovers quickly. Enjoy playing this brand new management game!