The lovely warm weather tempted baby Hazel to get out of the house and play with her cute kitty pet. The result was lots of good time combined with a messy look from head to toe. Baby Hazel must clean up with a spa bath. Take off her dirty clothes and give her a shower. Wash her kitty pet as well. Baby Hazel fancies a fab spa bath next. She wants to pamper her skin with spa flavored soap bubbles and scented oils. Help the cute girl prepare cherry, chocolate and milk flavored bath mixtures. Pick your favorite flavor and pour it in the bathtub. Stay with baby Hazel during her spa bath session and make her happy fulfilling all her needs. Give her toys to play with and delicious desserts to eat. Wash her hair and body with beauty care products, rinse and dry. Feed her kitty cat with cat food and water. Dress up little Hazel in a pretty new outfit for some indoor playtime. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new dress up game! Check out Baby Barbie's Little Sister and Baby Barbie Stomach Surgery baby games as well!