Baby Hazel and her sibling toddler brother are left into your care by their parents. The children have a nanny looking after them, but the lady is too busy talking on the phone with her bffs or taking long naps. Cute Hazel is up for trouble and she is about to do lots of mischievous things to keep the nanny busy. Her sibling is having his afternoon sleep, so she cannot play with him. What can the baby girl do to keep herself entertained? Well, she can do some coloring using her colorful pencils. Her baby brother just woke up and he needs his diaper changed. Help the nanny change the used and ugly smelling diaper with a new one. Hazel stained her clothes with paint and she must change her outfit. The more clothes she dirties, the more laundry work the babysitter has to do. Find out what other trouble making surprises the cute babies have in store for their nanny playing our hot new baby game! Enjoy!