Baby Hazel is taking care of her sibling brother while their mom is busy cooking in the kitchen. Join them and have a fabulous time together. It is playtime and the babies have lots of toys scattered around the room. Watch the boy toddler while Hazel blows a balloon. Fetch him toys to play with and don't let him chew on them. Change the sibling's diaper whenever necessary. If he gets hungry, feed him food, milk and fresh fruits. All that playing and eating has made the toddler tired and he is ready for a nap. Help baby Hazel put her sibling to sleep reading him a bedtime story or singing a song. Check his diaper again before he falls asleep just to make sure. Taking care of babies is fun and entertaining, so have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby games! Don't miss playing the newest baby game entitled Baby Barbie Bicycle Ride!