Baby Hazel is super happy about the science fair organized this week at her school. All students can participate and the most creative science project will be rewarded with an award and many presents. Baby Hazel has a very creative mind so it will be piece of cake for her. She hopes to win the science fair with her innovative fun science design. Find out what the cute little girl has planned for her science fair project and help her in creating it. Is it growing plants under artificial light or maybe generating electricity from potatoes? Neither of them, actually! Making a lava erupting vulcano is the great project. Gather all stuff required to make the model. Baby Hazel needs color box, baking soda, water, color palette, cardboard, sellotape, gloves and bowl. Build the vulcano with the pretty princess using all the items above. Create a fantastic presentation so that the baby girl wins the contest. Have a great time playing our fab new baby game!