Baby Hazel is super happy to be back to school. She has lots of new preschool mates to befriend and play with. A school picnic is a great outdoor activity for the kids to bond and socialize. The picnic takes place at a water park so Hazel will need her fashionable swimming suit and goggles. Help the cute baby girl pack her bag for the fun preschool picnic day. Make sure she does not leave any item on the packing list behind. Did you pack the hair care products, water bottle, beach ball, towel, first aid kit, body lotion, snacks and swimming gear? Accompany baby Hazel on the school bus and make time go faster playing girl games on her smartphone. The kids are super excited to be at the water park and they cannot wait to get in the water. Supervise them while they play with toys, swim and dive. Keep an eye on the pretty baby girl as well and have a wonderful time playing our hot new baby game!