Baby Hazel has lots of friends to play with and today the cute little girl is going to one of her friend's house for a fun playdate time. She is going with her mom who is bff with the other mom and they often get together for a relaxing girl chat while their children play together. On the way to her boy friend, baby Hazel is getting bored in the car while her mom is talking on the phone. Keep the little girl entertained playing with her and her dog pet. Give her the phone toy, the rattle and the milk bottle. Open the car window for some fresh air and pet her cute puppy. They have arrived at her playdate's house and the little girl is a bit tired. A quick nap would be great for the babies. While their moms are busy gossiping, how about feeding and putting some music for the little ones before nap time? Don't forget their pacifiers! After they wake up, play with the little girl and boy, giving them the toys they request. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!