It is a lovely spring break day. Baby Hazel is happy she can sleep late in the morning and does not have to go to school. She is taking her bunny pet for a walk in the park where her friends with their pets will join her. The kids have a great time at the playground until their pets start fighting each other. The park day fun is over as the pets must be taken to the pet hospital for medical care. Go with Baby Hazel and her friends to the pet hospital. Offer the medical attention the pets need to get well. Examine, disinfect and treat the wounds. Give medicine and apply bandages. Baby Hazel's cute pet has an eye infection and eye drops must be administer to cure it. Take care of the other injured pets and help all of them recover from this unfortunate park accident. Help baby Hazel feed her pet and fulfill all their needs. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game! Check out Baby Barbie Pet Hospital, Baby Barbie Adopts a Pet and Baby Barbie Injured Pet baby games too!