Welcome to a new baby Hazel play time fun activity! Baby Hazel loves animals and she just found a cute little rabbit while playing in the front garden. The rabbit is dirty, being all covered in mud, and it really needs a good bath. The little girl wants to make the rabbit her new pet and take good care of it. A nice bath is a great start to have a clean new pet. The little girl is in the bathroom preparing for bathing the cute animal. Help her out with the rabbit's bath time, handing her the water, the soap and the brush. After the rabbit is washed, dry his white fur with a towel and treat it with a vet shot. Next, the rabbit must be fed with healthy food like milk, carrots and lettuce. Having an animal companion is lots of fun and it requires lots of attention, but it all pays up in the end. The little girl loves playing with her newly found rabbit and she just adores taking care of it. Enjoy playing this brand new baby game!