Baby Hazel has the best parents in the whole wide world. They know she loves animals very much so they bought her a new house pet. It is a gorgeous and lovely colored parrot which Hazel absolutely adores. The baby girl has a cute dog pet as well which feels neglected now that all attention is given to the colorful bird. Hazel will take good care of both her pets to keep them happy. The funny parrot injured its wing while flying in the house and needs medical care. Baby Hazel has a first aid kit with antiseptic lotion, healing cream, cotton pads and bandages. Help her attend to the bird's wounds following the first aid steps. Clean and disinfect the wound, apply cream and bandage the wing. The parrot needs a few days to heal completely and be able to fly again. Have you ever tried bathing a bird? Well, the little girl plans on giving her new pet its first bath and you are welcome to join her. You can also feed and play with it. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game!