It is vaccination time for the newborn sibling of baby Hazel. The toddler has a doctor's appointment today to get the mandatory baby vaccination for his age. He will be accompanied to the hospital by his mom and sister. Help cute Hazel prepare her newborn brother for the vaccination visit. He is still sleeping in his crib. Will baby Hazel manage to wake him up without making him cry? The newborn baby needs a warm bath, feeding and dressing up before heading to the doctor's cabinet. Learn with baby Hazel how to bathe a toddler watching her mom wash and dry him. Hazel is an expert in changing diapers and feeding her younger brother. Be with her while she does all these things and during the baby dress up part. She wants to cut his nails and brush his hair too. Go with the happy family to the clinic. Make the vaccination a pleasant experience for everybody, especially the little children. Have a great time playing our newest baby game! Also play Baby Barbie Hospital Recovery and Baby Barbie Pets Beauty Pageant 2 baby games!