Baby Hazel is so happy she has a newborn baby brother. Her mother just gave birth to their second child and the new member is welcomed with lots of love by the whole family. Today the mom is returning home from hospital and baby Hazel is super thrilled to spend time with her new sibling. She wants to be a fabulous elder sister and take good care of her newborn brother. Her friends are also eager to meet him. The little girl is still too young to do all the caring tasks on her own and you can help her out with some of the babysitting chores. Prepare her brother's crib first and remove the cute pets from it. Set the mattress, bed sheets, blanket and comfy pillows, adding soft cushions to each side of the crib and cute toys. At playtime, supervise little Hazel while she plays with the newborn baby. Take care of their food, drink and hygiene needs. Put the little kid to sleep at bedtime. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new management game!