Baby Hazel loves animals and she has a cute kitty as pet. She spends lots of time with her fluffy kitten and spoils it with treats and toys. Too much spoiling is not good though and the cat is up for trouble lately. Baby Hazel needs your help to give her naughty cat a nice bath. Prepare the bathtub pouring water and bubble liquid. Place the kitty in the water tricking it to stay there with a mouse toy. Bathing might be a bit hard, as the mischievous kitten hates water, but I am sure you will manage. Continue with a grooming session, drying the naughty cat's fur with a towel and blow dryer, brushing her, cutting her nails and accessorizing it with a fancy collar and girly hair bow. Baby Hazel must feed her pet so help the little girl prepare a delicious fish for the hungry kitty. Now they can finally have some fun time playing with the ball and cuddling up. Have a great time playing our brand new pet game!