Baby Hazel wants to enroll in the school music band. There is an audition coming up soon for all students. In order to play in the school music band, baby Hazel must study a musical melody played at a musical instrument. The cute little girl would love to play the piano or the guitar. She must attend the music class to learn how to play varied musical instruments and melodies. Join baby Hazel during the music class and learn a lovely melody together. Help her fix the broken instruments first. Which instrument should baby Hazel pick for the music band? There are lots more alternatives to guitar and piano, such as drums, violin, flute, pan flute or trumpet. The little girl can only play one instrument but that does not mean she cannot learn to master them all. Teach baby Hazel a musical melody and show her how to play it on the different instruments. Don't miss playing Baby Barbie DIY Gift, Baby Barbie Little Pony 2 and Baby Barbie DIY Ombre Nails baby games either!