Baby Hazel is enjoying her spring break vacation on a cruise ship with her parents. It is her first vacation on the sea and she is truly enchanted by the whole scenery. She wants to learn how to swim so that she can bathe in the ocean water when she is old enough. For now she is happy to swim in the ship's swimming pool. Join Hazel for a wonderful breakfast time on deck and admire the blue water and the clear blue sky with her. But wait! She just spotted a lighthouse in the distance which got her complete attention. A lighthouse in the middle of nowhere is a fantastic discovery for the cute baby. She has a vivid imagination which makes her think of all sorts of fantasy scenarios involving the mysterious lighthouse. There might be ghosts haunting the place or vampires and other scary creatures. Accompany baby Hazel in this wonderful fantasy adventure and find out how the story ends. Have fun playing our brand new baby game!