Baby Hazel was playing in the backyard with her friends when she took a fall and injured her leg. Her mom was around watering the plants when this happened and she rushed to her precious daughter asap. Baby Hazel is in deep pain and her mom needs your help to treat the leg injury. There is a first aid kit in the house which will be of great use until the ambulance arrives. Wash the injury with water and soap to clean the wound. Prevent any infection using an antiseptic lotion and cream, then bandage the injured area. To be on the safe side, mom decides to take little Hazel to the hospital to have her leg wound checked up by a doctor. The bandage must be removed and the injury sterilized. Help the doctor take an x ray to diagnose the problem properly. There is no fracture, so the little girl will be just fine at the end of the doctor's treatment. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game!