Baby Hazels has troubles in recognizing colors, so it is time she learns them properly. There are lots of fun games and activities which help kids develop their color recognition skills. Let's begin with a dress up game, shall we? Baby Hazel received a fabulous doll makeover kit from her parents. She wants to dress up the doll in colorful dresses, shoes and accessories. This way she learns to mix and match different colors. The doll is dressed up in a pretty attire, so how about a cooking break. The little girl's mom is baking a tasty rainbow cake in the kitchen and Hazel insists on making the cake frosting. She must use the correct food coloring in order to obtain the rainbow cake effect. Will she succeed or make a complete cooking mess? Painting is another great way to play with shades and hues and baby Hazel fancies painting a lovely nature scenery today. Have fun playing our newest baby game for girls!