It is laundry time for baby Hazel. She is too little to wash her clothes by herself and she needs your help. She played outside with her cute kitten pet regardless of the rainy weather and she got soaking wet and dirty. She must change her muddy clothes with clean new ones. Help the cute baby girl wash her dirty playtime clothes. Undress her and place the clothing items in the washing machine adding automatic laundry detergent. Teach her how to separate the colored items for the white ones, as well as how to use the washing machine and the dryer. When the laundry time is finished, dry the wet clothes in the dryer. Baby Hazel is a tidy little girl and her closet is well organized. Iron and fold the clean clothes before setting them in the wardrobe. Don't miss playing our brand new baby game entitled Baby Barbie Laundry Day either! Have a wonderful time, girls!