Baby Hazel is old enough to look after her younger toddler brother while their parents are not home. She is not old enough to be left alone in the kitchen though. Supervise baby Hazel and her brother while she prepares a delicious fruit puree in the kitchen. Have fun with the cute babies cooking the meal. Pick the ingredients from the fridge and cook them in a frying pan. The mixed fruit puree looks super tasty. Continue the kitchen fun helping baby Hazel feed her baby brother. Place a bonnet around his neck to prevent the little boy from staining his clothes. Use a spoon to feed him the puree and wipe his face if he gets messy. After eating such a great meal, the toddler feels sleepy. Baby Hazel is expert in putting her brother to sleep. She must get him ready for bed first which means changing the diaper and dressing him up in a cute pajama. Have fun playing our newest baby game! Also check out Baby Barbie Cake Shop and Baby Barbie Hobbies Frozen Tshirt baby games!