Time is ticking away and it is time for baby Hazel to go to preschool already. Today is her first day at kindergarten and the little girl must get ready. She woke up in a good mood and she must hurry up or else she will be late. We don't want her to make a bad impression on her fist day, do we? Give her a morning shower and dress her up in her preschool uniform. She cannot waste time playing with her toys, so make sure she eats her healthy breakfast before heading to kindergarten. There are boiled eggs, sliced apple and milk waiting for her on the table. Preschool is a great place to make new friends. Help baby Hazel socialize with the other kids and play with lots of toys. They learn to draw and recognize the fruits from the veggies. Lots of other fun play activities await baby Hazel, so have a great time playing this new management game! Enjoy!