Baby Hazel loves spending time with her mom in the kitchen while cooking and baking new recipes. Today the cute baby girl wants to help her mother prepare the lunch meal, which includes pureed apples and yummy vegetables soup. But first, they must go to the supermarket and purchase the necessary kitchen utensils, dairy products, spices, fruits and veggies. They must buy some carrots, a pumpkin, potatoes, salt, black pepper, electric hand blender, some bowls and spoons, plates, a pot, milk, butter, apples and so on. Can you help the little girl find all this stuff on the shelves? Once the shopping session is done, it is time to have lots of fun preparing the two dishes. First baby Hazel will show you how to make the delicious pureed apples. Then together with her mom, she will prepare the yummy vegetables soup. Have fun playing this brand new cooking game!