Baby Hazel was out playing and her clothes got all dirty and muddy. They cannot be worn again like this so they must be put in the washing machine to be washed and dried. After drying, they got a bit wrinkled and they must be ironed before being folded and placed in the cupboard. Can you iron the baby's clothes and dress up the little girl in a new outfit? After finishing with the clothing hygiene, the personal hygiene is very important. Clean the little girl's face with water and soap, dry it with a towel, cut her nails with a nail clipper and help her brush her teeth. Clean her nose with a tissue paper, wash her hands and comb her hair. The more she practices her hygiene, the faster she learns how to take care of herself without needing any help. This way the baby girl learns how to wash and iron her clothes, how to clean her face and hands before the meal time and how to brush her teeth. Have fun playing this new baby game!