Baby Hazel loves the Halloween Day. She cannot wait to put on her fancy costume and go trick or treat with her mom and friends. Every year she collects lots of sweets and candies in her cute pumpkin bucket which last her almost until Christmas. Halloween is just a few days away and it is time to begin the traditional house and yard decorating. Baby Hazel learned some amazing Halloween crafts at school these days and she wants to make them at home, then use them as decorations. Help the cute girl make funny craft ghosts, spiders, spider webs, zombies and scary looking pumpkin faces. Use tissue paper, colored paper, thread, scissors, glue, pencils, balloons and other items to create lovely crafts. Design a pretty costume for Hazel to wear this year. How about a pumpkin princess dress? Or maybe a skeleton or ghost outfit? The first dress up idea is the winner. Make a pumpkin sticker and glue it to a black top. Combine it with an orange ruffled skirt with black spider webs prints. The baby girl looks fabulous in her new attire. Have fun playing our brand new baby game!