The teacher prepared a fabulous Halloween surprise for baby Hazel and her classmates. They are all going to a spooky castle with lots of secret chambers waiting to be discovered. A trip to the Halloween castle sounds like lots of fun. On arriving there, the cute baby got lost from her friends and now she must search for them. They can be anywhere in the big, scary castle. Accompany Hazel in this awesome horror castle adventure and find out what hides behind each door. One chamber is full of Halloween costumes and accessories. Try the cute outfits on her, adding a fancy make up, fake eyelashes, creepy vampire teeth and chic hair wigs. One of her friends is in this room as well, so they will have a great time dressing up. I will tell you the secret of the second door. It hosts a tattoo salon where baby Hazel is about to encounter two more friends. Curious to visit the rest of the chambers? Have a blast playing our brand new baby game!