Baby Hazel loves candies and sweets although she knows they harm teeth if eaten in excess. Dental hygiene just like body hygiene is a daily routine for the cute girl. She brushes her teeth twice a day and eats apples to keep the doctor away. Regular dentist check ups are also part of the family routine. Take baby Hazel and her little brother to the dentist check up appointment and fulfill the needs of the adorable babies. The toddler brother has no teeth problems. Baby Hazel on the other hand has gums problems and she needs dental treatment. Plague has accumulated on her teeth causing the gums to bleed. The dentist must give the baby girl a gums treatment to restore the health of her teeth. Assist the doctor during the treatment stages. Care for baby Hazel and don't make her cry. Have a wonderful time playing our newest baby game! Also play Baby Barbie Hospital Recovery, Baby Barbie Lice Attack and Baby Barbie Chickenpox Attack baby games!