Baby Hazel just woke up and she is ready for some funtime playing with her toys. Her diaper must be changed first. Change the baby's diaper replacing it with a new one to keep the cute little girl clean and happy. She is a bit hungry and she needs her milk bottle. Check the milk's temperature before giving it to her and make sure you use a sterilized feeding bottle. After diaper changing and milk feeding, it is finally funtime for baby Hazel. She is now ready to play with her cute toys. Give her the toys she wants to keep her happy. She loves playing with her Barbie doll, the cute duck or the colorful rattle. She also plays with her piano and with cute balls. That funny clown makes her laugh a lot. Have fun playing with the cute girl and her toys keeping her happiness level high all the time. All this funtime will surely make her get a good night sleep. Enjoy playing this entertaining baby game!