It is Father's Day and baby Hazel cannot wait to have a fabulous time with her dad. She has prepared many surprises and games. The day starts early in the morning with baby Hazel waking up, getting washed, dressed up and having breakfast. Help the cute girl do all these morning activities. Make her pretty for Father's Day dressing her up in a lovely outfit to wear throughout the day. Baby Hazel has a gift for her beloved dad, but she wants to save it for later on. There is plenty of stuff to be before that like playing games and solving puzzles. Play a fun game of scrabble with baby Hazel and her dad on Father's Day. Continue the Father's Day adventure going to Candy Land with daughter and father. At the Candy Land the little girl can win a present for her dad. To do so, she must play another game. She will need your aid to find some alphabet letters hidden in the Candy Land. Great job! Now it is time for the gifts unwrapping, so have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game! Check out Baby Barbie Summer Photoshooting Prep and Baby Barbie Summer Cruise as well!