There is a fancy dress competition at baby Hazel's kindergarten and kids are very excited about it. Some prepared their fancy dress costumes months ahead, others haven't even started. Hazel wants to wear a cute and colorful peacock outfit. Help the little girl and her mom create a gorgeous peacock attire. Go shopping with them for the clothing material and accessories. Buy the top, bottom and accessories. Feathers, tulle, earrings, necklace and bracelet are a few of the fashion items which must be purchased. Lucky for you, they are on sale at the mall. Use your craft and tailoring skills to put all items together and create a beautiful fancy dress outfit for baby Hazel. When the costume is finished, dress up the baby girl with it and add the pretty jewels. She needs a fabulous make up to complete the look. How about a lovely face painting? Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game!